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About us


We are a producer of a dietary supplement of the IODICA brand.

The offer of IODICA WORLD Sp. z o.o. includes, among others, dietary supplements, and the distribution of Jod concentrate in liquid and powdery form for the needs of the food industry.

All our products are with the content of natural concentrate of iodine, and other natural minerals.

We guarantee products of the highest quality and 100% natural.

IODICA WORLD Sp. z o.o. is the only active administrator of the IODICA-SENOV source in the Czech Republic with permanent access to it.

Concentrate packaged under the IODICA brand is extracted on an ongoing basis and constantly tested.



The concentrate of natural IODINE comes from a source in the Czech Republic, it is extracted from a depth of about 329m, without access to the external environment. Iodine is dissolved naturally in water along with other minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, selenium, boron, zinc, silver, copper, iron, which form the biological background.

It is a natural product extracted and spilled by

IODICA WORLD Sp z o.o., which was founded to help in solving the global problem of iodine deficiency.

The company's vision is based on three basic pillars:

- promoting knowledge about iodine;

- eliminating iodine deficiency;

- improving the health of the population.

There is a natural source of iodine in Senov. It was formed from prehistoric seas, the remains of which are overdue in the folds of the Earth.

We invite contractors interested in establishing permanent cooperation.


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